Faith P.

Our Founder/CEO

Renewed Queen Essentials was founded by Faith P. Shortly after Faith returned natural in 2013 she would have a hard time finding products which worked well for her type 4 hair. She gave birth to her first born in the fall of 2013 and began experiencing excessive shedding and her hair would not stay hydrated and moisturized. God gave her the idea to begin researching, mixing and creating her own products for herself. Faith’s hair began to do a full 180. She was retaining length, her hair began to stay moisturized and her curl pattern would be defined. She began making products for her friends and family and it has now become what you see today. Faith has the overall goal to help others learn to embrace their natural hair. She hopes to encourage as many people as possible to recognize the beauty of their crown the way that it grows from their head while also making their hair more manageable to do so. Faith is a Wife and the mother of 3 girls. She prides herself on teaching and reminding them how beautiful each of their very different textures are. Beyond hair care, Faith has a passion for community and showing God’s love to others through her actions. Her ultimate goal is to impact the lives of as many people as possible in as many positive ways as possible.
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